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In the world of polocrosse, few racquets have become as distinctive and recognised amongst the worlds top players as ours. Handcrafted in a purpose built facility on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, every RRIOTT Polocrosse Racquet is the collaborative result of a highly skilled group of dedicated craftsman that, like you, love to play polocrosse.
At RRIOTT Polocrosse, we are committed to building racquets of exacting and unparalleled performance because as polocrosse players that's what we want to play with. We play polocrosse (and tinker with) our racquets as much as you do. The only difference is that when we want to change a product, we come to work. We are proud of our workmanship and build every racquet as though it were going to be our own. So whether you play with a plastic or graphite racquet or prefer conventional cane, you can be assured that you are investing in a racquet of unequalled quality, performance and workmanship.

Polocrosse Racquet Spare Parts

Polocrosse Racquets Break!! And I am sure when someone invents one that doesn't that it will be banned by the Association because lets face it a racquet between horses legs that wont break is pretty dangerous.
Keeping this in mind RRIOTT polocrosse supplies a multitude of spare parts for all brands of racquets to ensure your racquet is kept in tip top condition. Allowing you to make repairs in the comfort of your own shed and ensuring you get your racquet fixed how you want it.
So popular are RRIOTT Polocrosse spares that we also supply many of the racquet makers scattered throughout the world with bulk parts to aid them in their production. We are always happy to discuss substantial discounts for bulk wholesale orders for those making or repairing racquets.

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