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Premium Polocrosse Racquets Made By Polocrosse Players For Polocrosse Players

In the world of polocrosse, few racquets have become as distinctive and recognised amongst the worlds top players as ours. Handcrafted in a purpose built facility on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, every RRIOTT Polocrosse Racquet is the collaborative result of a highly skilled group of dedicated craftsman that, like you, love to play polocrosse.
At RRIOTT Polocrosse, we are committed to building racquets of exacting and unparalleled performance because as polocrosse players that's what we want to play with. We play polocrosse (and tinker with) our racquets as much as you do. The only difference is that when we want to change a product, we come to work. We are proud of our workmanship and build every racquet as though it were going to be our own. So whether you play with a plastic or graphite racquet or prefer conventional cane, you can be assured that you are investing in a racquet of unequalled quality, performance and workmanship.

RRIOTT Polocrosse Sponsorship
Since the very beginning of RRIOTT Polocrosse we have been extremely fortunate in working with top polocrosse players, many of whom have become friends. That is the nature of the polocrosse community, which has at its highest possible level the most approachable sports stars you could ask for.

RRIOTT Polocrosse has sponsored many players over the years from grass roots to full Internationals at the peak of their game and we are proud to have supported many of the young aspiring players that have made it to the top using RRIOTT Polocrosse products.
If you consider yourself to be an aspiring Polocrosse Player and would like RRIOTT Polocrosse to help you make it further in the game please click the online application form and complete as fully as you can, return it and we will consider your request. Once your application has been assessed we will confirm in writing precisely what we are able to do to help.

Sponsorship Application Form

Please note if you decide to apply online the sponsorships offered are for serious aspiring players committed to their polocrosse and supporting the RRIOTT Polocrosse brand so be sure you are able to commit fully before completing the form and that your parents/guardian are fully aware.

Club Sponsorship
RRIOTT Polocrosse is a major supporter of polocrosse around the world and has sponsored many clubs over the years from weekend coaching events to full international events. If your club or association is looking to secure sponsorship to develop polocrosse please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to help.
Before emailing us with your requests it is important to understand that whilst RRIOTT Polocrosse is keen to support polocrosse we expect any sponsorship to bring both the club and RRIOTT Polocrosse benefit. Hence we request that when you present us with a sponsorship proposal you consider what you feel sponsoring your club can offer to RRIOTT Polocrosse and benefits you expect will be provided to RRIOTT Polocrosse.

Some items that may be of interest when submitting your application

• RRIOTT Polocrosse has a particular appetite for sponsoring events that encourage new and developing players.
• RRIOTT Polocrosse does not generally offer sponsorship to clubs that resell competitors racquets
• RRIOTT Polocrosse does not generally offer sponsorship to clubs where club members resell competitors racquets
• RRIOTT Polocrosse sponsorship is generally higher the more people in the club who are supporting our equipment
• RRIOTT Polocrosse does not consider sponsorship a donation please be clear if you are asking for a donation or proposing sponsorship.
• RRIOTT Polocrosse rarely considers donations.
• RRIOTT Polocrosse sponsored clubs and others in excess of AUS$20,000 last year

Club / Team Fundraising
Looking for an innovative way of making some extra funds for your club?
RRIOTT Polocrosse offers your club a unique way of making extra money. RRIOTT Polocrosse offers clubs a fundraising price list on all our products allowing your club to resell items direct from our catalogue at no upfront cost to you.

Our fundraising package allows you to sell all the quality goods we manufacture and receive a great profit for doing so. Imagine that making a couple of thousand dollars for reselling goods that polocrosse players want to buy, it’s a lot easier than trying to sell raffle tickets.

How it works:

  • • You contact us and let us know your club, group or team is looking to do some fundraising.
  • • We will send you all of the information as well as the RRIOTT Polocrosse Fundraising Pack. Which includes our colour catalogues and order forms for custom racquets. In addition we will send you a sample pack of RRIOTT Polocrosse equipment to show your potential customers.
  • • You start advertising your fundraiser and set a start and finish date for the campaign.
  • • You receive the Fundraising Pack including the sample pack of RRIOTT Equipment.
  • • Start showing the equipment around and taking orders for the goods listed in the catalogue.
  • • Once you have collected orders you collect your profit from the orders and forward them to us with all the racquet specification sheets and payments.
  • • We receive your orders and dispatch them straight to the relevant purchasers requested address.
  • • Once your campaign is finished you ship the sample kit back to us. (please note if the sample kit is not returned in full additional charges will be incurred)

Some Polocrosse Fundraising Ideas

  • • Take a RRIOTT Polocrosse Fundraising kit to your next Polocrosse Demonstration or Expo.
  • • Set up a RRIOTT Polocrosse Fundraising tent at your tournament.
  • • Have a RRIOTT Polocrosse Fundraising Party for all your club members.
  • • What a great idea for representative teams to make some money selling things that people want.
Contact Us For more information on RRIOTT Polocrosse Fundraising

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