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Polocrosse Club / Pony Club Starter Packs

Get started in this awesome game with one of our Brand New polocrosse starter kits. Ideal for Pony, Adult Rider and new polocrosse clubs these kits include

High Quality Plastic Head Polocrosse Racquets (Your Choice of Shape).
Each Racquet is hand made in Australia by Jeremy and Peta Marriott 3rd generation polocrosse players who have had over 45 years playing experience. This considerable experience flows into each and every racquet produced and as a result this kit contains the highest quality lightweight racquets available designed specifically for beginners unlike our many of our competitors who sell all their reject and poorly weighted racquets as beginner racquets.

Competition Balls
Competition balls have also been included in this pack these are genuine competition balls and not practice balls. Each ball has a full skin that ensures it will last and not fill up with moisture as do practice balls

Coloured Numbered Bibs / Pinnies
Allowing you to play straight away the included numbered bibs are in two colours and are labelled with appropriate positional numbers 1, 2 , 3.

Kit Bag
In order to ensure all of your new polocrosse equipment is kept safe and lasts you well into the future a fully waterproof kit bag has also been included. Our kit bags have been specially designed specifically for our kits so that everything in the kit fits comfortably into the bag without squeezing.


These kits offer exceptional value for money presenting savings of up to 50% off our standard retail prices.

Why Our Kits Are Better Than Our Competitors.

  • • RRIOTT Polocrosse racquets are not injection moulded our heads do not contain air bubbles reducing the risk of breakage when a horse treads on the racquet.
  • • You have the choice at no extra charge of what shape heads you want on your racquets unlike our competitors who charge up to an extra $150 to upgrade to square heads
  • • All our racquets come fitted with a proper polocrosse racquet grip, we do not try and scrimp and save by using slippery insulation tape as grip.
  • • Once you have placed your order you are emailed a specification sheet that we ask you to fill out so we know who the racquets are for, This spec sheet allows us to tailor the kit to suit each individual group (obviously the size, length and weight of the racquets will need to be different for children on 11 hand ponies versus a bunch of adult riders on warmbloods)
  • • RRIOTT Polocrosse was the first to introduce packaged club starter kits and as a result we have had far more experience in interpreting what beginners are asking for.
  • • RRIOTT Polocrosse kit bag comfortably fits all the kit plus has additional space for more balls and racquets if required.
  • • RRIOTT Polocrosse does not impose exhaustive conditions on the purchase of our starter packs as do some other manufacturers.
  • • We are the only manufacturer that we know of who publicly promotes a satisfaction guarantee. It is important to us that you are happy with your purchase and tell your friends about us. For More Information Click Here
  • • So popular are our starter kits that they have been purchased (Not given away as do many of our competitors) by the Polocrosse Association of Australia, Multiple State & Territory Associations, and many Zone Associations both in Australia and throughout the world.

RRIOTT Polocrosse offers our Club Starter Kits in two sizes with the option of adding extra balls and racquets to suit your clubs individual requirements.

Club Starter Pack (6 Player) includes
• 6 Polymer Head Polocrosse Racquets
• 2 Competition Balls
• 6 Coloured Numbered Bibs /Pinnies
• 1 Waterproof Kit Bag
• Kit Tailoring and Customisation

Club Starter Pack (12 Player) includes
• 12 Polymer Head Polocrosse Racquets
• 4 Competition Balls
• 6 Coloured Numbered Bibs /Pinnies
• 1 Waterproof Kit Bag
• Kit Tailoring and Customisation

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Premium Polocrosse Racquets Made By Polocrosse Players For Polocrosse Players
In the world of polocrosse, few racquets have become as distinctive and recognised amongst the worlds top players as ours. Handcrafted in a purpose built facility on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, every RRIOTT Polocrosse Racquet is the collaborative result of a highly skilled group of dedicated craftsman that, like you, love to play polocrosse.
At RRIOTT Polocrosse, we are committed to building racquets of exacting and unparalleled performance because as polocrosse players that's what we want to play with. We play polocrosse (and tinker with) our racquets as much as you do. The only difference is that when we want to change a product, we come to work. We are proud of our workmanship and build every racquet as though it were going to be our own. So whether you play with a plastic or graphite racquet or prefer conventional cane, you can be assured that you are investing in a racquet of unequalled quality, performance and workmanship.