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In the world of polocrosse, few racquets have become as distinctive and recognised amongst the worlds top players as ours. Handcrafted in a purpose built facility on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, every RRIOTT Polocrosse Racquet is the collaborative result of a highly skilled group of dedicated craftsman that, like you, love to play polocrosse.
At RRIOTT Polocrosse, we are committed to building racquets of exacting and unparalleled performance because as polocrosse players that's what we want to play with. We play polocrosse (and tinker with) our racquets as much as you do. The only difference is that when we want to change a product, we come to work. We are proud of our workmanship and build every racquet as though it were going to be our own. So whether you play with a plastic or graphite racquet or prefer conventional cane, you can be assured that you are investing in a racquet of unequalled quality, performance and workmanship.

Caring For Your Racquet

Being Polocrosse players ourselves we understand how important your racquet is and how frustrating it can be when you break your favourite. For many players simply having to use their own spare racquet in an emergency can instill a sense of fear and completely shatter their confidence.

It is for this reason that many of our A grade customers always purchase 2 identical racquets at a time. RRIOTT racquets is more than happy to work with you to ensure that each of these racquets are identical in every way from weight, flex, and net setting through to being finished with the same coloured grips and bindings, this assists you as a player in ensuring that which ever racquet you pick up is the same hence ensuring that you do not have a favorite and removing the reliance on a single racquet.

More importantly we feel that once you have invested in one of our racquets you should get to enjoy it for as long as possible and below are some of our tips on how to ensure your racquet gives you many years of honest service.

Unfortunately we expect an awful lot from our racquets, far more than that expected by a tennis or squash player. For example we as players take our racquets out to the side of the field throw them on the ground in the dirt, mud and sun we let horses tread on them and throw them in the back of the truck under saddles and bales of hay all the time expecting them to last us for many years. We expect the grip to stay soft and in good order for years whilst a Tennis player who doesn’t cover the grip with horse sweat and dirt changes their grip every game.

The best way to look after your racquets is to use common sense and remember it is a finely tuned instrument.

  • • When not using your racquet ensure that you place it in a racquet bag and keep in mind that racquet bags whilst they offer some protection are not going to protect the racquet from being trodden on or bent out of shape sitting under a saddle in the back of the truck on the way to polocrosse.
  • • Ensure that when not in use you keep your racquet out of the elements away from lots of heat and cold and moisture.
  • • If using a cane head racquet ensure that whenever you are not using it that you replace the spreader to prevent the head from distorting.
  • • Never hang your racquet from the head.
  • • Always keep racquets well off the field and away from areas that they may get trodden on by people walking horses between chukkas.

As a racquet maker we are continually asked to repair all brands of racquets and it is amazing how many racquets are broken in the same ways, below is a list of don’ts the quickest ways to break a good racquet.
  • • Hitting your horse with your racquet
  • • Goal Judging with your good racquet, the repeated catching of fast thrown balls will often cause all brands of nets to stretch or slip.
  • • Lending your racquet to somebody else
  • • Leaving your racquet in the window of your car or truck in direct sunlight for any length of time.
  • • Travelling your racquet without a racquet bag.
  • • Using your racquet as a cricket bat!!
  • • Playing around with friends trying to hit the ball out of each others racquet. (More racquets get broken practising on foot than in any game)
  • • Leaving your racquet out overnight allowing it to absorb the morning dew or even worse rain
  • • Leaving the racquet too close to the camp fire (believe it or not)
  • • Playing with your racquet on foot with the family dog
  • • Letting a friend adjust your racquet (Learn how to do it yourself and be confident that its done properly)

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